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I’m Leslie Love.  I was born and raised wild on Vancouver Island, on a piece of land called Song Farm.  Surrounded by the sounds of howling wolves, and rock and roll music, I grew strong dancing legs, intense emotional feedback, and a loving heart.  I institutionalized myself at UVic, and emerged with a BFA in 2003, with honours in Visual Arts.  After living in Victoria for 10 years I escaped on the train across Canada and landed in Villebois, and then Montreal, but inevitably I heard the call of the Island and my lover, to come back.

Back on Song Farm, the wolves moved on, but now we are surrounded by our 2 howling children and their grandparents.  I can be found painting from photos and from my imagination, portraits of wildlife, and human nature as I see it.  In my natural habitat, I have started to gather what I have, to paint:  coffee, wine, beer, blackberries, beets, turmeric, paprika, chlorella, ocean or lake water caught in a jar, wood, fungus or paper… etc.  I integrate wood grain, flaws and marks in materials, even my own mistakes to make whimsical images that tell fearsome and outrageous stories.

I am eternally thankful for any love, support, and patronage I receive.  Thanks for visiting me here in the web.

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12 Responses to “Bio/Contact”

  1. Heather Avatar

    My 20 year old daughter, Georgia, bought one of your paintings today, after much consideration – the untitled one that you might call “up skirt”.

    We had been to the Victoria Art Gallery earlier in the day, and talked about certain paintings that one could look at again and again and again.

    She had been thinking about that painting of yours for quite some time (it even inspired her to do a painting of her own on wood, using some of your technique).

    It is the first art piece she has ever purchased, and I can’t describe how exciting is was for her to become the owner.

    Thank you for making it possible for a young person on a limited budget to purchase your art.


  2. Leslie Avatar

    Thanks SO much for your lovely letter!

    Just the other day I was talking to Adam about my prices. Someone had been in his store and had said that they would be more likely to buy one of my paintings if they were more expensive! I just thought that was so silly, and disheartening. I guess if someone wants to buy art as an investment or as a status symbol that would make sense.

    I am very happy that your daughter truly likes my work for what it is, finds it inspiring, and will enjoy looking at it again and again… thank you thank you thank you :)

    and thanks again!

  3. Mirella Trozzo Avatar
    Mirella Trozzo

    OMG, I LOVE your WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lesley and it was such a pleasure to meet you last night at Merlyn’s home. I am not sure if this is out of line, but would you consider being a vendor at my vintage faire??? Please contact me at 250-752-3637. Grazie mille, Mirella

  4. Shantael Avatar

    Hi Leslie,
    I really enjoy your work, in particular the painting you have up at the Midwife’s collective (Batman, Robin and Friends). I also showed a piece at the collective awhile back. I plan to swing by the collective to see them in person but if you were ever interested in a trade for that piece I’d love to talk. I don’t have a large inventory right now but I have a good selection of small (3×5″) crow pieces on wood as well as the piece I showed at the collective. If not, no worries – art is so personal so I would not be offended in the least. That being said I may still be in touch about purchasing that piece once I see it close up! Take care.

  5. Leslie Avatar

    Hi Shantael,
    Looks like you have some beautiful paintings there… are some of them ravens or all crows?
    I’d definitely be interested in doing a partial trade with a small crow piece. What do you charge for a small crow usually? I am also good with taking payments in instalments over a few months.
    Thanks so much for contacting me. I am thrilled you like that painting. It’s my brother and cousin in the batman and clown costume. I hadn’t heard any feedback on that one yet, because it is so new I guess.
    Look forward to talking to you again soon.
    If you’d like to email me directly, my regular email is leslie.wiegand@gmail.com
    Thanks again!

  6. Lisa Avatar

    Hello Leslie,

    Beautiful site filled with marvels!
    Love your work, as much as ever…

    Love especially the one of the tent, your brother, his friend and the starfighter. You could definitely get a steady commission of those if you attended a comic con.

    : )


  7. Leslie Avatar

    Ahh Lisa, you are awesome, thanks so much for the love, it means a lot to me.
    The one of my bro is a favourite of mine, so I feel lucky my dear friend Jasmin bought it.
    I don’t know, I have been tempted to reuse the star wars theme again, but haven’t found the right image or object. Don’t want to blatantly steal my own ideas, ha!
    Thanks again, can’t wait to check your site out when it’s up and running.

  8. Dorothy Avatar

    Love your paintings, I have one of yours of a woman in a pink bikini. I would like to have more in my house. Can you put me on an email list so I get notification when new work is available. Thanks!!! Dorothy

  9. Leslie Avatar

    Wonderful!! Thanks so much Dorothy! I am so glad that painting of my mom found a happy home :) I will let you know when I have some new work ready.

  10. Mirella Trozzo Avatar
    Mirella Trozzo

    Can’t wait to see you and your art this Saturday Leslie:)

  11. Mirella Trozzo Avatar
    Mirella Trozzo

    Ca’t wait to see you and your art this Saturday Leslie:)

  12. Leslie Avatar

    Looking forward to seeing you too!

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