I’m Leslie Love.  I was born and raised wild on Vancouver Island, on a piece of land called Song Farm.  Surrounded by the sounds of howling wolves, and rock and roll music, I grew strong dancing legs, intense emotional feedback, and a loving heart.  I institutionalized myself at UVic, and emerged with a BFA in 2003, with honours in Visual Arts.  After living in Victoria for 10 years I escaped on the train across Canada and landed in Villebois, and then Montreal, but inevitably I heard the call of the Island and my lover, to come back.

Back on Song Farm, the wolves moved on, but now we are surrounded by our 2 howling children and their grandparents.  I can be found painting from photos and from my imagination, portraits of wildlife, and human nature as I see it.  In my natural habitat, I have started to gather what I have, to paint:  coffee, wine, beer, blackberries, beets, turmeric, paprika, chlorella, ocean or lake water caught in a jar, wood, fungus or paper… etc.  I integrate wood grain, flaws and marks in materials, even my own mistakes to make whimsical images that tell fearsome and outrageous stories.

I am eternally thankful for any love, support, and patronage I receive.  Thanks for visiting me here in the web.

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