Have your cake

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

mmm cake, I know you want it.

Sold. 42″ x 36″

Gail cheap jerseys is an old friend of my mom’s.  Maybe my mom made cheap nba jerseys the heart shaped cake for her, I wouldn’t be surprised.  To the right of Gail is her now ex husband John.  He was the best man at wholesale jerseys China my Mom and Dad’s wedding.  I chose to keep the edges of the wood clean, showing the grey decay of the wood at the bottom and the stamp at the top right.  We My thinking was it would invoke warmth, reference the materials of the home and the common decay of the family.  Maybe I am being a bit airy fairy, but it’s how I was thinking anyways.  The cake is nice thick oil paint, like icing.  I applied it wholesale jerseys with a butter knife, just like mom used to with my cakes.  Very satisfying.

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