Rec Room

~Sold~, 21″ x 18″

If you bought this one, you’re awesome!  and could you put your hand up?  I was paid for it, but whomever sold it, forgot to write it down in ‘the book’ :)

My mom’s sister Adeline and my awesome Aunt, here with her kids Shaney Boy, and maybe “Keena or Danielle.  Back in the day, they owned the Maples Resort on Sprout Lake and we would go stay in a cabin, having a blast tearing around the place playing nicky nicky nine door, hot chocolate with marshmallows, boating under the wings of floating water bomber planes.

I’d like to mention my cousin Shane is holding an Animal Muppet puppet!  It took me a while to figure out what it was, but now I have no doubt.  Rad.  And he’s got a superman shirt on and he is a really cool guy.  It’s a win win win situation.

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