Funny Feeling

Funny Feeling 11″ x 12″

Copies for sale at For Sale at Love’s, 535 Yates Street.

For our drawing club collective the theme was narrative, so I wanted make a picture that told a story… I started with the 2 bears having a conversation, then literally worked outward from them to develop the plot.  I’d be interested in anyone’s interpretation of what’s going on here?  It’d be good to see if anyone is watching and reading :)

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4 Responses to “Funny Feeling”

  1. Ray Gun Avatar
    Ray Gun

    How come I never saw this one yet??? I want it, it wants me……..maybe on a shirt?

  2. It’s pretty new, that’s why! Maybe a shirt, I’ll let you know what happens.

  3. i think maybe the two bears are talking about nightmares. i don’t know if the owl is part of the nightmares, she looks pretty nice. maybe she is guarding them? anyway i like this a lot.

  4. It does hint at nightmares for sure, but this nightmare may be happening too… that’s what’s scary about dreams, sometimes they’re just so real. Originally the dark area was a cave and when I drew the first bear with the ears back, I thought something is wrong, either this bear is bad or something bad is going on… I drew him another bear, a friend to talk to, and then I had some other animals listen in. Friends or the jury, you can be the judge :) I think the little owl is a good guy too though.
    Thanks Emily, hope you find this comment. Sorry it took so long for me to reply.