16″ x 22″ Acrylic on wood. Buster!

Sarah Ginger Kittens Smith commissioned this painting for her hubby Gord, also my pal, for his surprise be-day party this year.  Grace took the picture and filtered it to be high contrast and clearly, bright and colourful.

Buster, is LOVED immensely by all of the above.   Especially by Gordon.

One time Gordon came by my house.  Outside on the porch, I had stacked a bunch of paintings that made me shudder with annoyance.  They were old projects from art school, I wanted to throw out.  Gord took them all.  I was touched.  Ever since then I have wanted to give him something a little more meaningful and that doesn’t make me cringe.  I hope this will be a favorite of his for a long time.