Chinese & Wallpaper

“Chinese & Wallpaper” Acrylic on wood paneling from an old trailer.

For sale $250, contact me if interested :)

Mom has fond memories of this night… it was a wallpaper party gone wild, chinese food and good times were had by all.  Brent Purdy and Don Kemp are pictured here, lounging and eating.

I painted this on some old paneling Adam salvaged from a trailer he is renovating and flipping with his bro.   I am still working out the logistics of using this material since it has a finish on it already.  I did paint directly onto the board without sanding in some places… where I did that I put a coat of polyurethane to stop the paint from coming off.  I may have to sand it completely next time, then re-finish the areas I want to leave darker.  But tish tosh, who cares, well maybe someone wanted to know…


2 Responses to “Chinese & Wallpaper”

  1. Just showed this to my folks wiggerty. They love it. My mom said that was at their first tiny house in Port. Everyone came over to help out. My dad said he had both arms up and was putting up the wallpaper, when your mom came and pulled down his pants! That’s probably why she has such fond memories of that night, hee;)

    Love you and love that my family gets to show up so many times in your F-ing amazing art!!! My mom’s already thinking if she bought this where she’d put it up.

    FRaggles XOXO

  2. You’re adorable you little fragglonstrocity. That is so my mom. Awesome to have your parents’ perspective on the night ;)