X-Wings: these kids got wings to fly!  ~Sold~

This is my brother and his friend Rubin, probably before I was born in Port Alberni, BC.  I am not sure which dog that is, (we always had dogs growing up)… maybe Pokey?

I wanted to include something those boys would be dreaming of, up in the sky where I had a large area of board I wanted to fill.  My little ponies, fluffy bunnies and owls seemed all wrong.  X-Wing fighter?  Perfect.  Thanks Adam for the suggestion.  So true, my brother was really into those.  And thanks Jasmin for buying this one!

I just want to take this opportunity to say I love my brother, that I looked up to him as a little girl, stealing his penny collection, his AC~DC, The Cars, and Led Zeppelin tapes, pretty much idolizing everything he did.  I wanted to draw what he drew, listen to his music (obviously) and follow him and his older cute boy friends around.  I remember showing him lyrics and poems I wrote for Megadeth in hopes they would publish them in a song.   Boy my brother would be proud then, and think I was really cool.  Um, now that’s just embarrassing.

Even though, I worshiped my brother from a young age, I don’t think that’s come across in our adult relationship.  Instead I have been busted on numerous occasions being a little snot, dis’ing his style, raging on him for raging, (some temper issues in the fam. I guess ;) and criticizing his lifestyle.  It’s a roll I learned as little sister, which is a hard habit to break.

But I am trying here, to say… I love you bro with all my heart, and I hope even though I never made it as a lyricist for Megadeth, you still have a special place in your heart for your snotty nosed little sis.