No title yet…

~Sold~ , 25.5″ x 38″

I am stuck on a title for this one. ‘Up Skirt’, I thought… Adam suggested ‘Cross Your Legs,’ and ‘Works of Art’.  I am open to other suggestions.

I like how the woman on the left looks serious about a conversation and with the legs leaning out of the picture on the far right (probably my mom).  Gail in the middle is focused on the cameraman (my dad) and on the right, she just seems confused.  I do wonder what they’re talking about, and if it was my Uncle Henning who painted the abstract above.  I love it.  Where is it now?


4 Responses to “No title yet…”

  1. Another Fab painting! Do you have any similar, ie: cillin in the 60’s that aren’t sold?

  2. Hi Vanessa! I just made a for sale category… you inspired me to finally do this after months of thinking about it with no action.
    Did you see my work at the Moss Street Paint-In? If so, you might remember the old folks I was painting as an example. I was going to give that to my dad, but if someone is interested in buying it, he would be all for that too.
    Also, I could paint one of your own photos or slides too if you have any?
    Regardless, thanks for checking my site out, and for the wonderful comments :) Have a great day, you made mine!

  3. Georgia Fisher Avatar
    Georgia Fisher

    Hey! I own this lovely painting!
    I bought it in Victoria back in early 2011 I believe from a cute little art store at the bottom of Yates. This was one of the first (actual) pieces of art I have ever purchased. I was 20 at the time so buying a piece of art that would stay with me the rest of my life was a pretty big deal! It’s been hung above my couch ever since and is always the starter of many conversations.
    I love your work; keep it up!

  4. Georgia, thank you so much for your love! I am honoured to have been your first purchase… I love buying art too, though I can only seem to swing it about every 5 years cause I never seem to have money, ha ha. But I was admiring my collection mostly of friends’ works, and appreciating how time and a little investing has allowed me to arrive (at my ripe old age of 35) in an apartment filled with glorious art. YAY!! As an artist, I thank you so much for acknowledging the value of original work, for being a patron, and appreciating my work! Mwah!