Mara & her Dad, approximately 18″ x 20″ (I should write these things down).

Awwww, Mara, and  her father, I love everything about this picture.  Their eyes, his sweater, their bevies, and even the background details.  Maybe it’s cause I have a soft spot for dads, I don’t know.  I am long overdue posting this, and happy to have it on the top now.  Mara has been so supportive of my art from the beginning, even coveting my abstract work from my 1st year of art school.  I look forward to making her a painting as a birthday gift for her 29th, as soon as she picks out a picture…

Thanks Mara!


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  1. Thanks Leslie ! I don’t get to see it as much as I’d like, as my Dad has it hanging up in his bedroom with all the beloved family photos. I’ve always particularly loved how you captured my Dad, his likeness is just so good. Great memories too as we were holidaying in Madeira -a cheap destination holiday island for the British in the 70s.
    We’ve always loved to support Leslie when we can, and hope we can do more in the future.