Leslie Love

Headless Wonders

“Headless Wonders” donation to the MOCL $20 art sale.

Ohhh boy, I am behind on my posting.  Please, cut me some slack…  I was pregnant, tired and lazy, I was on Mat. Leave, had a baby, moved to the country, I was busy making stuff, yadda yadda yadda.  I am back now.  It will take a while to catch up, but this is a start, right?

I posted on Facebook that I was donating this to the MOCL $20 art sale, so my good friend Gord arrived 15 minutes early to buy it before the event had even begun.  I can’t remember what size it was so I estimated, it was small anyways.  It’s my mom and her friend John goofing off, likely my Dad is the photographer.  I made her dress with wallpaper which I painted over in yellow and gold.  Because I was going to sell the work for $20, I decided to leave out the stress and time consumingness of painting their faces.  I’d like to do that more often.

Adam Love, my husband now (oh ya, I got married too), printed and framed one of these up big in his store Love’s Gallery.  It sold to a really nice couple who befriended my Wiggy Love Facebook page.  Cele said lots of nice encouraging words.  Love her, and don’t even know her :)

More to come soon!!