Leslie Love

Young Rider

Acrylic on wood.


Young Rider

Last year I had this sweet commission from Angela.  Her daughter had seen my art at the moss street paint in, and put me on her wish list!  So nice someone so young would request art for Christmas!

It was a tricky one to paint, because of the profile and angle of her face.  Originally, I hadn’t painted in the background and took my best guess on her facial features.  Fortunately, Angela was brave enough to suggest the background be painted in, and provided me with a school photo of her daughter.  I went back to work on the eve of Christmas eve, and finished it up.  I think we were both much happier.  Communication is always better than none!

I am finally posting this (almost a year later), as I just figured out how to get photos stored on my camera’s memory (not on the card).  Oh ya, just call me if you need some tech support!  Ha, or maybe not.