Camping Patch

Camping Patch


“Camping Patch” – Commission, ~16″ x 20″, acrylic on wood.

This may have been the hardest picture to paint as of yet.  My goodness.  I scratched out and repainted my sweet friend Miranda’s little child face.  She commissioned this as a gift for her Dad, and I wanted terribly to capture her perfectly.  I don’t think I did in the end.  I reworked it some more since this photo I took of it.  *Sigh*

I did do the best I could, and I am very happy with the painting overall.  It was just so hard to paint the girls faces accurately, because of the nature of the wood grain and blurriness of the image.

Miranda graciously accepted the finished product and said her Dad loved it.

The cabbage patch dolls are awesome.  I just have to say that.