Leslie Love

One of the Guys

Sold! 29″ x 20″

Here they are!  I love these guys, they remind me of my guys.  But they are their own, and they are my parents’ friends.  Of course this is from the 60’s, but isn’t it great how plaid is in again?

That’s my Uncle Don on the far left, who I love to paint.  And then I think we have Henning, to his immediate right, who I also love to paint.  Then, is that Danny Higgins smoking?  Far right sits a gentleman who, I have no idea who he is, but he looks like someone I’ve dated.  It’s the clenched fist, his build, and dark features.

Uncle Don isn’t technically my uncle, but he gets uncle status because he is like family.  He plays base with my dad in Rocket “88.

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