Birthdays, I wanted to make my best friend cry with glee.  Success!

This is the first time I have mixed my 2 styles together, nutty little illustrations with photo images.  My friend Regan was at my forth birthday party here.  I had some old washed out photos to work from to make this painting for her 31st birthday.  I think the playful drawing works with the subject in this case.

My mom made the My Little Pony cake, if you are wondering what the heck that is I am blowing on.  The girls on the right are my old playmates/neighbours Shanna and Lola Wallman.

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2 Responses to “Wishes”

  1. Ray Gun Avatar
    Ray Gun

    I cried in Nelson, in my hostel, cradeling my sweetest gift. But did you have to divulge the ’31’ ??? You’ll get a spanking for that one;) I love you L, you’re a gawdess of artful riches………

  2. Come now, I am a month older than you. I know what’s best ;)