Bird House 1

There’s a lot going on here.

I am from Vancouver Island, but I took a 1 year hiatus to go to Montreal.  It’s something I’d always wanted to do, travel by train across the country and learn some French.  Live and eat hot bagels and poutine in Montreal.  I lived in a tiny town called Villebois first for a couple of months, then went south to Montreal.

I wrote a lot of letters on Maps, mostly to this guy I had hopelessly fallen for back in BC.  I went back to the Island briefly for a close friend’s wedding and made copies of some of the letters I had made him.

Then there was a show in Montreal!  “In Search of the Simorgh,” a bird themed group show.  I made 2 Bird houses that opened using the letters while drawing and painting into them.  I sent them to that commitment resistant man back on the island in a package full of cool, awesome stuff.  Shortly after, something transformed in him and he asked me to come home.

And here we are!  Living happily ever after!

The boxes have some weird stuff going on inside.  I will post more pics later.

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