Sock Hop

Mom’s Christmas present, 14.75″ x 15.5″

It’s my mom and Aunty Dolly (Deloris).  They are dancing in the living room it looks like… the floor in the photo is actually plywood.  My mom and dad are excellent dancers, swing dancers, jivers, you know the style.  I love to dance too, but I am a free styler… anyways I love this picture of my mom, her skirt and her little smile.

For mother’s day I am having a giveaway at my Facebook Fan page… post a picture on my site and I may choose yours to paint and give to you for free.  I will even ship it.

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One response to “Sock Hop”

  1. aunty dolly Avatar
    aunty dolly

    I just love this painting to death what a great artist you’ve become thanks for the memories my little bing bong all my love aunty dolly xoxoxxoxxo it looks just like us .