Pigeon Holed

~Sold~ 13″ x 7 3/4″

Copies for sale at Love’s 535 Yates Street.

My Girlfriend Geneva chose the topic transformation for our drawing collective, and I had coincidentally just finished this painting.  Man I was mad at this image, it was a stupid ugly gold headed bird, so I sanded its head with fierce vengeance.  I am much happier with it now.

I have been struggling a bit in the art department the last couple of weeks.  Lots to do and little motivation.  Ideas, but no gusto.  I think this is cause I have been working full time as apposed to my usual part time half days.

I think I will be adding a photo element to my blog.  I have been taking my camera with me on my bike ride to work everyday, and I think it could be good to post a daily photo journal… we’ll see.

Maybe this afternoon.