Ferris’ Upstairs

New Art Up at Ferris' Upstairs Oyster Bar!


YAY!!  A new venue for my art!  Dave at Ferris’ first found me and my art at Rebel Rebel, (now “Reunion”), and I am so grateful for the exposure and support I have had over the years from Claudia and Erin there.  At the time, everything I had art wise was hanging in their store, so I had nothing to show for Dave, and let the offer slide.  3 or 4 years later, here we are… Adam printed big copies of my paintings and hung them in his store, which moved right across the street from Ferris’.  Dave asked again if I wanted show my work, and BINGO, perfect timing.  Great motivation to make some new art, aside from the commissions I’ve been doing.  It’s wonderful to stretch paint some things I have been wanting to get too, revisiting the old slides, and finally starting to paint some modern stuff as well.  I feel I am just getting started.

Hope I round up so more new spaces to show as the year goes on…