Fiery Joe



Fiery Joe, ~ 30″ x 40″

For Sale – NOT, but prints could be available at Love’s Gallery :)

Ok, Gord and Sarah might be my biggest fans.  They called dibs on this painting before I even painted it.

I made a little page on Facebook asking for some of my buddies to post pictures of us partying that would make good paintings.  Mara posted this photo her husband Andreas took, of our friend Joe… our handsome, musically multitalented, down to earth, daring, and ‘hot’ I might add, friend.  Joe is cherished by all of us very much.  Last year at Song Farm, his band “the Tuesdays” wrote a song about him.  He is pretty kind and good hearted, always encourages us to play music even when some of our musical talents are nonexistent, eh hem.  Of course everyone thought I should paint this picture of him, including myself.  So glad I did.  And can’t wait to paint more from the can of worms I opened.  SOOOOO many great photos I must paint.  I can hardly wait.

I LOVE my friends.  SO much.