Party On!


Party On, ~ 24″ x 38″ SOLD

Chris Purdy in the background, my mom in the foreground in blue with a pixie cut.  I have always loved this photo of the girls getting their party-on.  The slide is overexposed and a bit blurry, the colours are so fun and appealing.  Happy to have finally painted it.

There are a few slides from this night, at least the girls are wearing the same dresses.  I want very much to paint the image of left and center girls looking at slides on the couch.  Between them is a guy with a stubby beer between his legs.  I have painted it before and will paint it again.  This time on wood not canvas.

Woot Woot!!  Party on!!  I am going to Ferris’ tonight to celebrate with a few friends.  I have now posted all the new ones so far.