Headless Wonders with Heads

Looking Good


Wonder Heads, For sale $395 ~26″ x 38″ Contact me!

Originally I painted this without the heads, very small cause I was in a hurry and it was going to sell for only $20 at a MOCL fundraiser.  Awesome Gord bought it 15 minutes before the event.  I had always planned to paint this with the heads, larger, and finally found the time and motivation.  Here it is!!  Also, I was SO THRILLED to be able to use the Fleur de Lis wallpaper I found at the SOS (second hand store).  And I am not afraid to use it again.  This is my mom and friend John.  Dad is the photographer (from a slide).

Prices are going up.  I think they were on the low side before, and Dave from Ferris’, my husband and mother-in-law, and a few others, encouraged me to put higher prices on them.

Okay, so prices are lowered again.  I will try higher prices again maybe with the next batch, but for now I am putting them on sale, ha!  It’s a fine balance between sales and no sales, money and no money.

On the plus side, if you can’t afford an original, Adam can make prints of them!  So they’re still accessible.  Another reason the prices (were) up is that I am trying to make a living, I no longer have a part time job.  I am at home with Frances and my time is worth a lot more because of her.  Well that’s how I feel about it anyways.

Hope you like my new works!