Leslie Love

Sadie’s Announcement


Custom Wedding Invite

Such a good idea!  It was Rhiannon who chose to have her daughter announce their wedding to friends and family.  Very clever, and so making this was a lot of fun.  Rhiannon asked I include her daughter Sadie’s little blanket bunny, RaRa, but with a real bunny body.  Sadie’s nickname is Sadie Bug, so I included the lady bugs.

I used 2 photos to create Sadie.  I liked an image with her arms up, so I drew her arms separately.  I drew the dress from another photo, where she was also wearing gumboots.  SO, I imagined her toes.  But I have a cute daughter too, so that was pretty easy to make up, ha ha!  So inspiring.  Now I want to draw some pictures of my own kids amongst flora and fauna.

Wedding thank-you card to follow.

Thanks Rhiannon and Solomon for this awesome commission!

The fantastic photos I used of Sadie were taken by Marlboro Wang